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What we offer

We strive to help our patients improve their lifestyle.
Medical Lifestyle Diets

Personalised Consultation Includes:

Embark on a transformative health journey with Metabolica Med. Our unique approach includes a comprehensive assessment of your health, utilizing blood tests to uncover crucial health markers, alongside evaluating your dietary habits, clinical symptoms, and body composition. We tailor a personalized, flexible 7-day meal plan, setting achievable goals, and are prepared to guide you in arranging future tests if needed or desired. Leverage our in-depth understanding of nutrition and health to address your unique needs in a single, impactful consultation, all designed with your well-being as our top priority.

NutriSmart Fit

Food Intolerance Test

Experience our enhanced service that includes everything from our personalized consultation, addressing your unique health needs with a comprehensive assessment, to a rapid Food Intolerance Test. This test quickly identifies intolerances to 57 foods with just one finger prick, adding a valuable layer to customizing your nutrition plan. Together, these services offer a holistic approach to improving your health, combining our thorough health evaluation with immediate insights into food sensitivities.

Keto Fat Attack 

6-Week Slimming Program

Two strokes of luck! In a rush to reach your goals? People often prefer to take the ‘easier’ way out instead of focussing to work toward a healthier and better version of themselves.  Due to this, we have decided to put together a package to do both! Faster results and health!

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Without good nutrition, your body is more prone to disease, infection, fatigue, and poor performance.
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